Monday, October 18, 2010

Please pray for the soul of my grandmother who died yesterday morning.
We were not close so it isn't a devastation to me yet when anyone dies I feel sad and I especially feel sad for my mother. I sent Padre Pio to my grandmother with the hope that she would make a last confession to him and even though she wasn't a Catholic.
These kind of details don't stop Padre Pio. I believe I'm catholic today because of him
-confessor to the protestants and pagans  -Yes, that was me alright!

Catholics are not the only ones getting prayed for and though
Protestants  may protest , they're never left outta the prayer loop as we pray for them anyway and so do our saints - thanks be to God :)


Julie said...

Sweet photo, Belinda. (I like the ones where he's smiling)
I'll say a prayer for your grandma at adoration today.

belinda said...

Thank you Julie.

Vincenzo said...


Lola said...

I'm praying for your Granny. And when I go dust the pews tomorrow I'll sit a while in front of the Tabernacle in her memory.

BTW comming from a long line of WASPs I've been praying for Protest-ants for a while. (They really don't mind on the other side. Although I wouldn't announce it while they're waiting for the Turkey to be carved at the holidays.)

I even pray for those that passed a very long time ago hoping that God who is outside of time can use my prayers today for their last moments.

belinda said...

Lola, I'm always deeply concerned for the salvation of others as well.

My family has said to me - your grandmother knew the Lord and she was "Saved" but that brings me little comfort. Didn't Satan know the Lord as well?

I won't gossip but I am very concerned for her soul.

It's wonderful when other people offer their time and open up a busy spot in their lives to assist me in those prayers. I am touched by your kindness. Thank you all so much.

Melody K said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, Belinda. I'll pray for her and the family.

ignorant redneck said...

I'll pray for her as well, tonight at evening prayer, and on my list: About protestants gettin' prayed for--scripture tells us we are baptized into one body, the mystical body of Christ.

Them old hardshell wasps--they're catholic and just don't know it. they'll know it in heaven, and rejoice.

Anonymous said...

Belinda -

There is no salvation (getting to Heaven) outside of the Catholic Church.

There is not a single heretic ("lutheran", "evangelical", "methodist", etc.) in Heaven and there never will be -- because the Catholic God cannot deny Himself.

Heresy is a sin against the First Commandment and causes your automatic excommunication from the Catholic Kingdom of God.

The Catholic Dogma that is being maliciously kept from your immortal soul is on my website at >

If you believe that heretics or un-baptized pagans ("jews", "mohammedans", "hindus", etc.) are in Heaven then you can't get your own soul into Heaven.

Our Lady of Conquest
Pray for us

belinda said...

Dear Mr.Mike,

Sometimes heretics aren't smart enough to recognize themselves as such as many had been born into the faith. I think Christ is bigger and greater than you allow him to be and he can let in anyone whom he sees fit into heaven.

I think that salvation comes though the Catholic church as well but I would never ever dream of presuming that anyone is in hell who isn't like me. I don't want to play God I simply want to worship the one who is God.

BTW, I belive unbaptised babies do go to heaven and I desired very much to be baptised before I actually was at 18 and I don't think Christ would have sent me to hell because I desired it so. Besides Jesus had other reasons to send me to hell at the time.

Chill Brother Mike