Friday, October 15, 2010

Once a very long time ago as I was praying and driving my car, I picked up  a newspaper and began to read it as I waited at a stop sign. I wasn't paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing - which was  driving and I tapped the  car in front of me with my bumper. I stopped praying and began to quickly think up lies and excuses for having tapped the car in front of me and why  I had been distracted. I couldn't imagine telling anyone that I bumped their car because I was reading a newspaper.... Who does that?!? 
It was at that moment that I learned - to my great sorrow that I would turn on God in a heartbeat. I couldn't believe it! At one moment I was giving God thanks and praise for ... well,  everything and on a dime I turned and began to prepare a lie and without  even having finished my sentence to him!

This event had stayed with me throughout the years as I've wondered many times what my final words will be. Will I be cursing, or yelling, or worse yet- losing my temper about something?  This lesson has helped me to make some meaningful changes. It would be sad to have lived a lifetime trying to please God only to lose it all in the very last moments.

I found a web site that talks about what  famous people had said for their final words  and it was a great relief to know that most people who loved God remained faithful in their words until the end. It seems as though we are who we are and even up to the very last moments.

*This is what I wanted to share.

*And this too.

*You may be wondering how my fender bender story ended. I hit a car full of Hispanic men.  Two of the men ran out of their car and gave me the thumbs up gesture then waved me on as they sped away.
 I suspect they were prepared to do some lying as well.

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