Saturday, November 6, 2010

At my grandmothers funeral the preacher posed this question to his captive audience, "Have you given  your heart to the Lord?" He said,  and as I sat and pondered his question  I thought it was too superficial.
Personally, I've found that the Lord isn't satisfied with only your heart as he wants your brain, your tongue,
 (-as in you have to watch what you say.) your  reproductive rights and your appetite and whatever else I'm forgetting about. Jesus wants the entirety of  who you are because that's what people who are in love with a another person desire - all of that person. Jesus will never be content with bits and pieces of you, nor the parts of you which you find easy to throw his way.
 Jesus doesn't expect you to do something that he hasn't already done himself - and for you alone. You can't give more of yourself to Christ than that which Christ has given to you - his total self. 



Julie said...

Good post, Belinda. You rock.

By the way, what do you think of the giant statue of Christ going up now in Poland? I much prefer the one in Rio. This one reminds me of Burger King. God help me.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mrs. Belinda,

Christ told Saint Mechtilde God created everything that exists with no problem.

But it took all the efforts of the Holy Trinity to try and change the heart of man.

It took every drop of Christ’s blood in an effort to change man’s heart.

Man’s heart is what God wants.

When a sinner repents, all the angels in Heaven rejoice.

When man gives his heart to God, He rejoices.


belinda said...

Dear Pablo, I was thinking about the cafeteria catholics and christians too for that matter who pick and chose what parts of the faith that they feel comfortable with and then reject the rest, you know the Catholics who use birth control and yet still feel they are members in good standing.

If a person really gives Christ their heart then it seems as those these same people would be willing to give him more.

Do you ever wonder how the would would change if people really knew how very much Christ loved them?

Wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever to see God rejoicing from a repentent sinner.

Thank you Julie,
I didn't think this post was very well written but I did my best to express my feelings. My O.C.D prompts me to rewrite posts until I'm totally fed up with them.

I haven't seen that statue.

Lola said...

This post reminds me of the Dennis Pragers talk:

I have no doubt that many Christians Love God, but they don't do what he commands. The current President would never have been elected if people did what God commands, such as protecting innocent life.