Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thanksgiving suggestions for a non-eventful holiday.
(This post should be titled - Note to self.)
  1. Try not to sit beside or in front of the person who pushes your buttons.
  2. Give the people who say stupid things the most food. When they're busy eating they're less toxic.
  3. Start the morning with a prayer asking God to forgive you of your sins and ask him to help you to forgive the people who will sit at your table.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to say the right things if only for your own sake because in the end your gonna have to give an accounting to God for every word you've uttered. (Written or thought.)
  4. When you forgive,  try to let the past go and  forget about your wounds.  Try not to  rehash old arguments and especially when you know there is no resolution anyway and even though your positive you're right.
  5. When you find yourself sitting beside the person who annoys you the most consider thinking about their attributes or their talents. Even the worst people on the planet have some sort of fine qualities and try not to think about why you can't stand them. Pretend they're Jesus and it's one of those tests he likes to send.
  6. If you end up talking about the weather, your not really trying very hard to communicate. think harder. 
  7. Use the media, television, radio, movies, headphones, and giant lollipops  etc... to occupy the minds and mouths of the trouble makers- again , we're  back to the trouble makers.
  8. Control your thoughts, your in charge up there and its the one place where your sins are developed  and executed from.
  9. Be sincere when you give complements  people can see right through B.S.
  10. Don't play "Head games" , when the verbal volleyball  begins - drop the ball.
  11. After the occasion has passed, let it go. It's not necessary to rehash the entire event for days after inside of your head.. (I need extra help with this one because I have terrible trouble with my anxiety. It's a constant battle for me and I always lose.)
    I hope and pray that all of my blogger buddies have a  day of real thanks giving and that God draws you even closer to himself. 
  Thank you all for taking  precious time out of your lives to spend time with me on my (our) blog(s), I enjoy it very much. God bless you all.


Julie said...

I may write this list on the palm of my hand for easy referral.
Have an excellent Thanksgiving, Belinda.

Melody K said...

Good suggestions, Belinda.
I hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving!
We are invited to our son and daughter-in-law's house for Thanksgiving; that's a new experience not to be cooking the whole dinner. I think I could get used to it!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! You need to repost it at Christmas time, too :) One other thing i'd add for keeping the tension down and the trouble makers busy: play a game of touch football outside while the turkey's in the oven. That way they get to work off all that nervous energy while working up an appetite.

May God bless you and your dear family, Ms Belinda! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving....gobble gobble

Nan said...

Dear Belinda,

Thanks you for the Thanksgiving list! I particularly thought the advice to feed people more so they were less toxic was good!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going to the casino for the buffet later with my family.

Adrienne said...

Our solution was to move 1600 miles away from our closest relative. heh

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Belinda. You never fail to impress me with you insights and wisdom - not to mention drop-dead humor!

Vincenzo said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

belinda said...

Julie, Thank you, Thursday morning I had a nightmare about a couple of my dead relatives in hell tormenting me from the great beyond and then when I woke up, Sarah's devil dog relieved himself in my clean kitchen and my daughter said, "It's not possible, he just went outside, he hates you mom."
So I went back to bed and prayed for a while and like I meant it too.
Melody, You've probably produced many Thanksgiving meals in the past and I hope you enjoyed your day off. I would have!

Georgette, I will post a different list for myself for Christmas. I love the idea of out door activities. I will suggest hiking at Christmas if it's not too cold and also at Easter. Our guests enjoyed shooting the pellet gun, but thankfully not each other.
Nan, did you gamble and did you win? Family time is always a gamble isn't it? ;)
Adrienne, Your a sweetheart and so kind to me. When I was a teenager my mother said I was funny but I didn't believe her. My activity director never laughs at me and doesn't think I'm funny. Apparently I've been telling jokes to the wrong crowd because for the last 30 years no ones been laughing but I've kept telling them anyway figuring it would help pass the time for our bored angels who watch us 24/7 and blogging is very much the same, I say something I find a little amusing or strange yet I never hear laughter on the other end. Only silence- just like at home.

Example of a typical conversation...
My husband and I were at a Mexican restaurant listening to Herb Albert....
Paul says's... "What ever happened to Herb Albert? (Like,I would know!?)
I said, I don't know he never answers my emails and the last time I heard from him was when he sang with Janet Jackson and the last time I heard from Janet was during the "nipple-gate" fiasco.

Then Paul said, what does that word mean? Well, I said, the first part is self explanatory and the second part means to drag the entire country through the muck." - The man didn't even crack a smile. He did think my TSA jokes were mildly amusing but I can't share those.

Vince, did you enjoy your turkey dinner and waffles?
I didn't add black rice to my rice pilaf this year because last year it tainted the entire dish purple.

So now I eat the black rice alone with butter and chicken bouillon. Yum. "Homer Simpson voice, ummmm... carbs...

Nan said...


I gambled a little but didn't win; I'm not a big gambler so have a low maximum anyway.

Family is always a gamble! Please pray for me as I wasn't raised in a religious household and still have to deal with these people; for example, last year my mom asked if I had to go to Mass. On Christmas.

belinda said...

I'm a convert. I understand what your saying and what your not saying.

I've had 30 years to learn this stuff and I get it.

I will pray for you.

-Dear God, Please help Nan to survive the Hoilday family "get togethers" - thank you.

(I'll still pray for you :)

Nan said...

Belinda, the sad part is that I'm not actually a convert. Thank you for your prayers.

Lola said...

You are such a dear soul.

Hope you and your's had a great Thanksgiving.

belinda said...

Thank you Lola, You and I are gonna have a great time together in the next world. (unless we end up in... Oh, I can't even think about that.) Anyway, hopefully I'll be in the kids section of heaven, boring the poor little souls with view master reels. Come find me!

*Vince, bring waffles.