Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birth control and abortion are twisted sisters which both sprang  forth from the mind of Satan.

And unless  your marriage is open to children , you'll never learn to depend upon God fully and entirely and with your whole heart , in an an honest and more meaningful way. When people  use contraception or abort their children  and make these kind of decisions for themselves  they  are in essence "Playing God." 


ignorant redneck said...

I affirm your insight!

belinda said...

Thanks Red, It's just you, me, and the lamp post here. hahahaha
These sorts of videos make me appreciate my blog administrator even more because he doesn't invite me to participate in sin. I love that about him. I'm proud of him also because he's put his money where is heart has been and has paid a heavy toll for his Catholic faith. We have several children and the poor man can barely keep up with their expenses... - tuition being the largest. BUT we are keeping up and when ever we need something we pray- and it comes. We have learned to depend upon the Lord and it's been amazing to see the hand of God in our lives.

Mum2eight said...

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that believe contraception stops abortion.

It is from wanting to avoid the consequences of our actions that contraception ahs become so acceptable.

belinda said...

Mum, The consequences are wonderful. You know the many times you've taken your babies out in public and people love them, they oooooh, and ahhhhh, and pet them. So then I never understood how babies got to be such a terrible thing. Generally people are all over em'- and rightly so. I can't even count how many times I've had to tell people not to touch my preemie, sick babies. I had twins so the desire to pet them was too much for some people.

(BTW -I love men who love babies, that's a sign of a great man- when he shows compassion for a small child or a baby.)