Thursday, February 3, 2011

I haven't seen our daughter Elizabeth's movie yet and I can hardly wait!

Elizabeth said  to me after schmoozing with the finest quality of people last weekend,  "It has become increasingly clear to me that everyone needs redemption- everyone needs Christ because everyone - all of us suck."
These are photos of her at around age 4. (1987)
-She was born an artist.

 Elizabeth's animated  film segment "opened" last weekend in Miami.
She had worked on a section of the movie while other artists worked on other parts of the film. Her section of the movie was favored most by the critics and she said that she had mailed the reviews to us by snail mail and I can hardly wait to receive them. My activity director and I didn't go to the premiere because we had to chose between braces for Maria's teeth or Elizabeth's movie and Maria won!
Elizabeth said she bought a dress at Nordstroms but most women wore designer gowns so she was still under dressed and worse yet people thought the animators were "The help" and even though they wore name tags specifying that they were the artists.
People who are in charge of us don't think about us, we are not even a consideration. If you wonder if people ever think about you - they don't.
- Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

HEY! You could at least tell us the name of the movie. :) Your link didn't take me to what I think you wanted it to. Does the movie have its own website? Most do. Looking forward to more info, & btw - cute pictures.

Julie said...

Yay, Elizabeth! It's nice to hear some good news for a change.

belinda said...

Oops sorry, the movie that I failed to produce is the intellectual property of the theater who purchased it. I haven't even seen the movie and I'm her mother -I'm not allowed to see it.

The movie was commissioned to coincide with the opening of a new theater in Miami which is why the link seemed strange. The people who hired Elizabeth to make a film segment were the same people who made the music video "Take on me" by Aha and many other videos which we recognize. They also worked with that brand spanking new MTV channel- back in the 80's and the husband and wife team are wonderful people who have treated our daughter with such kindness.

Hopefully the (Theater)owners will want to sell the movie to the public. When this happens -'cause greed always happens ;) then I will share and even if you begged me not to.

Lola said...


Congratulations to your Elizabeth!

I look forward to seeing her animation.

BTW, I'm writing out that quote about other people thinking of you, that they don't. And maybe taping it to my tweens bathroom mirror. That way they can just face the world with brushed teeth and clean faces and friendly smiles.

God Bless you!

Nan said...

Congratulations to Elizabeth!

She should look at consignment shops or vintage stores for her next premiere gown since she can never compete with those who have unlimited money to spend. Or call a young designer and ask for a loaner dress.

belinda said...

Nan, those are excellent ideas.