Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr.Voris's video for  today is his most wonderful contribution yet as he causes us to contemplate the most sacred of all hearts.

Who can grasp all of what Christ has done for us?


3puddytats said...

Belinda--Here is the answer to your question a few posts ago...

This is Catholicism 101, the heart and soud and very basics of our Faith. Nothing was said about Trad vs modernism, Latin vs other languages, church architecture, vestments, habits, hymns, liturgies whether we pray standing, seated, or standing on our heads etc.

If we do our very best to live our Catholic faith the way Mr. Voris teaches, then we ARE good Catholics...the rest is just details..

I come from Protestant roots myself, and incorporate alot of my Protestant roots into my Catholic faith...I think it is a wonderful blending...I learned how to pray, how to attend church, how to study the Scriptures, hot to be holy and charitable, how to standup in front of other and proclaim the reading for the day, how to joyfully put money in th ecollection plate,and how to thank God for his many mercies and blessing, inmy life, as well as how to turn to him with life got me down.

Thanks so much for sharing the video..that is what the church is all about.


belinda said...

I found out when I began blogging that many Catholics resent and even dislike converts. I was heart broken to learn that because I loved those people and my new faith so much. I made the assumption that I would be loved in return - Not so.

I am trying to be a good Catholic but I tell you truthfully, I'm nothing but a sinner - though repentant I fear I will die with mortal sin. I hurt a woman's feelings at church yesterday because I thought a four hour retreat about confession for my seven year old son was stupid. He doesn't want to make candles and sing kumbaya and neither do I. BUT I should have kept my opinion to myself and worse yet I gossiped- that's the mortal sin part.

I think converts bring a fervor and a love to the church that is sorely needed but converts like myself have made many errors in theology, group activities,and in our ideas which had either been wrong, protestant, new agey or down right stupid. I look back in amazement and wonder why Catholics have allowed their faith to be so manipulated and watered down.

I don't want to blend. I want the entire Catholic faith- all or nothing.

It was nice to speak with you again Sara. I hope your staying warm. I'm starting to get the winter blues. Maybe I need some sunlight.

3puddytats said...

Belinda--we are cold here too in Utah....and not much winter inversion makes the air bad and smoggy and makes me cough.

I am finding a small vitamin D suppliment is helping...I get winter blues bad too..

I try really hard not to guilt trip myself...yeah things are giong to happen and yeah my Irish gets up once in awhile...that is the great thing about confession.. I KNOW my sins are forgiven..I get tired of some folks getting wrapped around the axle because the poor proest didn't saw the EXACT words..well we have dear priests from Africa and latin America and their English is not the greatest...but when you are in Confession the priest is hand in had with Christ, and everything is made ok....and if I can't understand the priest's penance I say a decade of the Rosary :) the Blessed Mother makes it right.

I know it is hard Belinda..but I also don't worry about what other people think. Their faith issues are not my faith issues. I had one high and mighty individual tell me that I wasn't a "REAL" Catholic because I wasn't raised Catholic...hhmm...I can think of LOTS of Saints who were converts...does that mean they are not real Catholic and therefore not real Saints??? People like that I just tell to get bent..

God Bless you and I pray for you.

P.S. The candle making thing sounds fun....I still have a small sand candle I made in Girl Scout campout years ago...even as an adult I find that if I have a hard time expressing myself in thoughts or words my hands turn towards creating helps me sort out my thoughts and struggles. I think that is what the candle making thing is going to be for the kids in their confession is a hard concept to understand. Even I struggle with it.