Monday, February 28, 2011

Madagascar, A Journey Diary

This was one of  the Oscar nominated short animated films that lost to the cartoon  -"The lost thing."


ignorant redneck said...

Peace and Joy to You!

belinda said...

Thanks for the blessing.

Joy and peace have finally come....

I happen to be in a good mood as well because God has provided a way for our kids to go to Catholic school for the following year so once again we're rejoicing.

Our high school is blessed to have a handful of nuns teaching so in partnership with our school I expect to produce some good fruit/ kids.

I love my kids school. They start off with Mass then they stop for prayers through out the day. I had heard of parents taking their teens out of our school because they felt it was too Catholic but the truth is, it's just right- Not scrupulous either.

I was so worried and I had prepared our children "mentally" for public school.

You can't send intellectually delayed kids or kids who seriously want to become nuns to public school - That would be like throwing away some really terrific people.

There's another bad hump coming for us in around August - when my husband retires and loses insurance. I've begun the novenas and we will wait upon the Lord.