Tuesday, February 22, 2011


3puddytats said...


Warming up some of my Lenten recipes...

Tonight and Sara's modified Tuna Melt...
Tuna, olive oil mayo, balsamic vinegar,spicy mustard, toast 2 whole wheat bread slices in toaster oven, then pile tuna on one piece of bread and two slices of swiss cheese on other slice...return to toaster oven for 5 minutes or so until tuna is warm and cheese is melted.

Remove from oven, put sandwich together, cut in half and eat!!! May need fork :)

Nice quick dinner when I'm coming home late from work :)


belinda said...

Thanks Sara, I'm thinking about lent as well. I plan on lowering my blood pressure and raising my awesome personality level. hahahahaha

There's a joke in that last sentence. My lenten plan is to stop eating and to deal with my crushing stress level in another manner.

Pablo the Mexican said...

My New Years resolution is to give up being nice.

It used to be my Lent penance, but a Padre said I need to choose something different this year.

Any ideas?

Here are a couple of videos you might like:


Spread the word, would you please.

Do you know Father Joseph Pfeiffer?


3puddytats said...


I find that giving up up something specific really doesn't work for me, so I ADD things...

Each night I TRY to make one bead and string mission rosary for the missions..i get all the parts together in little baggies so allI have to do is construct them.

I also try to read a spiritual book. This year it will be "His Holiness" a bio of JPII by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi. The book has been sitting on my shelf for several years so this year I will read it. At 540 pages that is about 14 pages a day..

I will really really try to give up meat...I hardly eat meat anyway, but I REALLY like ham and pineapple pizza when I'm watching TV. Will do like the Mormons do and save the money I give up for meat and use the money for a "fast" offering..not sure just yet where the money will go...


belinda said...

Pablo, Christianity's not about being nice is it?

Compassionate and full of love yes but nice no.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Mrs. Belinda,

There goes two options I had in mind.

Compassion and love.

Now it's gonna be hard finding something to give up.

And don't any heretic mention chocolate.


3puddytats said...

One year I tried giving up coffee...

It was quite detremental to my career...

Although my Mormon coworkers got a kick of watching me go through withdrawels..