Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's say, I  wanna make a disaster movie and I begin my story with a huge earth quake, then I add a tsunami, where I make cars swirl around like toddler toys in the bottom of a bathtub drain.  I would create a nuke explosion , and then another , and yet another followed by some nuke snow but not before a volcano eruption - for good measure and all the while I would have throngs of  helpless people waiting for aid and news of missing loved ones.  In this horror movie I would watch and wait for the food and water to deplete while disease loomed large as people came to terms with being blown back to the stone age - without electricity or housing and with a chill in the air.  I would tank the NIKKEI and make Japanese goods undesirable because of possible radioactive contamination and so would go their economy. What a movie that would make but then who would believe it?
I wouldn't -  not in a million years.

  Lord, how much worse will  the real Armageddon be?
I'm praying hard  and like I mean it. Please God, make this nightmare stop and heal the people of Japan.

*These photos are old stereo cards of Japan, which I do not own.


Julie said...

During my regular adoration hour today people kept coming in to say the rosary. As soon as someone left, the door would open and another person would take their place. Normally it's a solo affair at that hour.
It's all we can do right now.

Pablo the Mexican said...

There should always be a crucifix and religious objects and pictures in people's homes.

Their home is a way to tell how cluttered, empty, or full of Faith a person is, and their family.