Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our children were prepared for St. Patrick's day and even though your not  able to see their faces, they were excited to be  at the university of Kansas.

The St. Patrick's day parade in Lawrence Kansas - the city of K.U. basketball - the future winners of March madness - 2011 - Obama said so.


ignorant redneck said...

Enough Already With St. Pat's! I'm Scots! Why isn't there a big deal about St. Andrews day? Huh? He was a f\phreakin' APOSTLE! Besides, everybody know Scotch is a better whisky than Irish!

belinda said...

I wouldn't know anything about whisky but I know a lot about food and there's a reason why there's a Mexican food restaurant on every other street corner in Kansas yet we eat Irish food only once a year.

Nan said...

Haven't you caught on yet? Obama's sports picks all lose. Every. One. Of. Them.

ir, St. Andrews Day falls during Advent, often during Thanskgiving weekend. People are just gearing up for Christmas and New Year's revelry so aren't ready for serious partying for St. Andrews Day. St. Patrick's Day falls shortly before the official arrival of Spring, when people are ready to recognize the end of Winter and the possibility that, someday, the snow will melt.

belinda said...

Nan, Obama's such a joke - a very, very sad joke. I'm sure your right.

Anyway, I thought maybe Obama would have had better things to do other than outline college basketball picks.