Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear God, why can't every day be Cinco de mayo?!
Our priest said we're supposed to pray before meals and even in public. Father said, "You shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed about Jesus, followed by... "You wouldn't want him to be embarrassed about you, now would you!?"
 Well of course not  but I really think it's too late for that since I've been blogging for some time now.
I never pray in public before meals because I don't want to draw attention to myself  and I don't want to appear as self righteous, or haughty and honestly, I don't want to embarrass Jesus,  what if I have to slap one of my children at the table? (I never slap my children, I can't afford the counseling.)

My activity director decided to take us out for lunch yesterday and as you can see I'm having a great time but my  poor director on the other hand, looks as though he's getting ready to part with one of  his favorite dogs or maybe he's scheduled  for some sort of costly, yet painful dental procedure or perhaps he's lost his best friend?
Nope, he still has his best friend!
Dental repairs are waaaay more painful than poison ivy, I'd better make my  administrator some chocolate pudding but thinned down so he can slurp it through a straw and though  he's getting rather expensive, I'll probably still keep him..... for now.


Adrienne said...

Poor hubby! Give him a hug for me (just avoid bumping the head area.)

We always say grace at restaurants. It's not some big showy thing - just a quick sign of the cross (the way only a cradle Catholic can do. Drives convert hubby crazy) and the standard "Bless me Father." I don't think people even notice.

belinda said...

I'm never quite sure how to handle the public prayer situation.

3puddytats said...

I say the blessing and the sign of the cross before meals in public and don't really care what other people think.

And I'm in Utah....

I'm sure all the good Mormon parents with their families in restaurants now have to answer their kids "Why is that lady doing that??"

It really gets interesting I'm sure when my brown scapular for some reason pops out of my shirt :) And my crucifix is a whole nuther story :)

Planting seeds....maybe oak tree seeds..but still planting seeds :)


3puddytats said...

PS your activity director reminds me of a chemistry professor I had years ago...had almost exactly the same expression and gave lectures in the most slow and monotone voice you could imagine..and my lecture was at 7 am...zzzzz

"Today class we will discuss the differences between ionic and covalent bonds..."

If nothing else I learned to appreciate the magical effects of triple shot espresso..


Anonymous said...

WE always say grace at restaurants too. I just don't care what others think now that I'm old. :-D But Adrienne's right, people don't even notice. Except for that time a lady walked up to us and told me she admired what we just did. I honestly had to think hard to know what she meant.