Sunday, May 22, 2011

 I had joked with my daughter Elizabeth and said that when the studios next door were finished with their actors,  they simply threw them over the fence onto Forest Lawn : (

When I read this I thought of our blogger buddies Red and Subvet. They write great stuff like this.

I understand that my skirt wasn't as modest as it could have been but my main concern at the time was  a giant snake hanging above and along the top of the wall behind me.

On the left of your computer screen and behind me were two men  trying to wrangle the anaconda. 
Naturally I didn't stay long and my prayers were abruptly shortened -which discouraged me.... I said to my activity director, "Satan ruins everything!"
My advisor always makes me feel better, he said, "It's okay, everything is okay, you can still pray for him."
(But it's not the same.)

Who wouldn't have said a prayer for Stan as they walked  by?


3puddytats said...

That's one thing about living in CA--we don't have royalty, but you can be at a Lakers game and sit next to a movie star and throw popcorn and beer and have a blast, or be in a killer traffic jam and there is a top recording artist in the limo next to you...stuck in the same traffic jam.

Or you can be on the beach catching some rays and a TV show is being filmed in the same and a famous tv star sharing the same beach shower :) (that really didnt' come out right..but you know what I mean :)

Pretty laid back place...I LUV (and miss) CA...and it's ok to show a bit of skin there :) No worries about your skirt :) the snake on the other hand...


PS what did you think of the LA Cathedral??

EegahInc said...

Ah, Keaton was the man. The General is still better than most movies coming out today.

belinda said...

Mr.Eeeeegh, Have you seen "The cameraman?" It's my favorite movie, especially the pool scene.

Subvet said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Julie said...

The scene with the front of the house falling never fails to amaze.
I could watch that over and over again. You know, if he been a couple of inches off, it'd been curtains for him, yet he's as cool as a cucumber. The ultimate athlete with nerves of steel.
And he makes it all look like a walk in the park.

belinda said...

Subvet, Your welcome. It's like that little phrase I coined a few years back ;)

Common sense really isn't very common.

Sara, I will tell you about the cathedral ASAP. My kids keep me overwhelmed.

EegahInc said...

"Mr.Eeeeegh, Have you seen "The cameraman?"

Pretty recent, actually. The pool scene, the six story stairway scene, the tong fight scene... any one of those by themselves is enough to make a movie a classic. The fact that he has them all in one film, and still makes you care about the character during the quiet moments is just genius. Better keep knives away from that monkey, though.