Friday, May 20, 2011

 Directly across the street from the Graumans Chinese theater is the Jimmy Kimmel show and behind his building is an enclosed parking lot where the concerts for his show are performed. Across the street from the concert lot is the Hollywood high school., which has these amazing paintings of former students along the exterior walls. West of this building is the school track and field and it's all situated in the middle of the city and is fully enclosed.

Here I'm hangin' out with Buster Keaton (kinda- sort of) ... I love him and I pray for him often.
Buster had two stars, one for his movies and one for his television work, naturally, I prayed twice.

 The "Betty Paige" store had the prettiest and most modest clothing along the street - go figure. That idea cracked me up. Then I worried about where Betty might be today , so I prayed for her soul too. I also asked God if I he would mind sending me a pink dress with a black cardigan sweater - to wear with my pearls.

These dresses were beautiful replicas from the 1950's. The side walk out in front has the "Walk of stars" and it runs for several blocks along both sides of the street."

Here's where I could  of  purchased  a "Permullet" (- a permed mullet) for my activity director!
Urban dictionary defines those haircuts  as being....."The 30-10-60" (30% up top, 10% on the sides, 60% out back). 

Elizabeth Taylor had tiny feet but then again she was wearing high heels.

Here's where I offered to get matching tattoos with my activity director. He declined - again. ;)

Ironically,.... not the Betty Paige store.

Next door to Graumans was Madame Tussauds  where this Marilyn replica sat out in front of the museum. She's made of silicon so she wont melt in the sun.

Here's where Spiderman  begs for a photo with me and at first I declined but then I thought, "Maybe my seven year old back home would be impressed, so I relented. After the photo they demanded to be paid but I should have told them no because my eyes were closed.

Ugh, repulsive.... Cat woman was all over my blog administrator like,  "White on rice."

Can I be an honorary Spinner now?!


Julie said...

Oh, what fun! Thanks for sharing.
Your blog administrator looks very cool in his shades, by the way. Apparently Catwoman thought so also.

belinda said...

No way Miss Julie can you say "carnies!?" (I deleted the word skank because I felt bad about it.)

I could never wallow all over another man in a photo for cash.... geez...

My husband is so polite and easy going that at one point I finally said to him out loud, "Stop talking to strangers!" hahahaha

3puddytats said...

Thanks for sharing the DID get a tiny bit of smile from Blog Administrator. :)


Terry Nelson said...

I love the photos! Looks very fun!

belinda said...

It was a weird kind of fun Mr.T. I'm folding laundry and cleaning bathrooms one day and the next, I'm reading a copy of Marilyn Monroe's coroners report and looking at some of her things.

California is very much a sad place and for several reasons.
Honestly, if I hadn't learned to speak better with people through blogging I wouldn't have been able to talk to the people in California who were/are above my station in life. (Thanks Mr.T.)

The only time I felt upset was when the other parents at the dinner table asked me what I did for a living. Being a mother of eight didn't go over very well. Apparently, I'm still a genetic fluke of nature.
BTW.. I loved the art projects in California and my daughters movie blew me away. It's about St. Teresa's - the seven rooms of a soul. Out of a class of fourteen animation graduates, her movie was the best but she didn't believe me and said, "You have to say that, your my mom." I said, "No, I really don't."

Melody K said...

I love reading your travel notes, Belinda. I wish I could see your daughter's project, it sounds profound. Have a safe trip home, if you're not home already.

ignorant redneck said...

A Mother of8 has to have more together than any PhD with an unresolved neurosis and a political axe to grind!

As for Spidy and Catwoman--well, they gotta eat too, and at least they ain't sitting on the ground with a 40 asking for spare change.

Catwoman is kind of cute--she would have embarrassed the stuffin' out of me.

I'm glad it's fun.

Lola said...

I would shop at the Betty Page store.

I love that style. When I was in high school 30 years after the 50s, I wore vintage dresses to half my dances.

I love that red and white sundress. I really should break out the sewing machine...

I'm showing my darlings the Cat Woman photo when they're older as an object lesson on what NOT to do in a photo. Even for fun. She really could have played it up like Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar. That would have been in character and uber Klassy.

belinda said...

...Oh my stars, that cat woman needed a smackdown.

I love those dresses too but when I sew I have to go to confession afterwards - Not kidding.

I want you to make one of those dresses then post a photo of you or your daughter wearing it!

Enbrethiliel said...


I wish I had something like the Betty Paige store where I live! Those dresses are both modest and classically fashionable!

(No, alas, I don't sew. =( )