Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So if Christians and non- Christians alike think that the world is going to end, then why is it that  people don't seem to be making any meaningful changes in their lives?

Could it be that the protestant idea of , "God loves me just as I am", is the reason? Or do they reject the notion of God entirely. If many people do think the world is going to end then what do they think will happen to them after that?  Why can't they think this stuff through?

 What happens to a nation of people who've been watching,  listening and worse yet participating in Sodom and for decades now?  Should I  be looking back at Sodom?

*This video is very much like Jennifer Lopez, and  Enrique Iglesias latest music videos but Katie Perry's video is the creepiest music I've ever heard, simply demonic and it has over 52 million views - none of which had  better be from any one of my kids.

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Lola said...

You assesmenet of Katy Perry is probably spot-on. She's the child of devout Christians and there's nobody tastier to the "Debbil" than that.

I couldn't bring myself to watch the Britney Spears video.