Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'll be detained for a while.
I hope, Dear Jesus, it's not in the literal sense of the word.

Please pretend you missed me when I return :-)


3puddytats said...

Way way off topic...
But I do request prayers for my little horse sanctuary..the board of the main animal shelter wants to shut us down by 1 August due to economic reasons.

Pray that a good solution can be found for the situation. All of these horses have been abused, abandonded, or elderly.

Here is the news report:


St Frances please intercede for my horses.

The horse in the photo is Reba, a sweetheart of a Paint mare..

God Bless... Sara

Anonymous said...

Don't have to pretend here. Have a good time and hurry back! :-D

belinda said...

Hi Georgette, I'm having a great time and I can't wait to tell you and our blogger buddies all about it!

belinda said...

Yesterday I saw Susan Surandon and Tim Robbins kid graduate with Elizabeths class. I thought Mr.Tim was cute from the back and very tall my activity director disagreed. hahahaha