Friday, July 8, 2011

This is the building where funeral services are held.

Bob Crane was murdered and  his second wife,
Sigrid Valdis is buried beside him.
She was a humanist and note the Darwin fish.
(I prayed extra hard beside her grave.)

I have searched high and low but I can't remember who was buried in the unmarked grave next to Natalie Wood. My activity director took notice that people were buried  rather tightly and positioned  every which way because of the lack of space.


Nan said...

I didn't realize Natalie Wood was Orthodox.

3puddytats said...

I find it amazing that the majority of the tombstones of these famous stars are for the most part relatively simple. No boasting of Oscars won, or what famous movies or tv shows they were in. Their estates could definitely afford something more elaborate.


3puddytats said...

Who is Baby DeGarmo??


belinda said...

Sara, I thought the same thing about the simplicity of their headstones.

I don't know who baby DeGarmo was.

Westwood cemetery was used for common folk until Marilyn Monroe was buried there and that was because Joe DiMaggo wanted her next to her childhood care giver.

I'm told that there is a fee to remain buried at Westwood but I don't know the circumstances of the arrangements but I think it's possible to be ejected.

Terry Nelson said...

I did Nan.

Belinda - I love all of these same people - Billy Wider's quote is the same from the end of Some Like It Hot!

I was recently trying to remember the first female talk show host and you've got her tombstone - Virginia Graham - she was way before Oprah and no one ever credits her.

belinda said...

Mr.Terry, what would you put on your tombstone as your last words?

I think I would direct my words towards my children and say,

"Do the right thing and even when no one is looking."

I haven't thought of anything better yet though I'm still thinking.

Maybe... "I was saved by divine Mercy." :)