Monday, July 18, 2011

Last night I dreamt I was inside of a beautiful cathedral and standing off to the right side of the alter watching religious people known and unknown to me as they prepared their habits and vestments for some sort of religious festivity which we were  about to participate in and we were all very excited about it! 
 Though these saints had  long since died, they were very much alive and busying themselves with their joyful preparations.  They had all been  members of various religious orders and were adding the finishing touches to their robes and beautiful vestments trimmed with gold and jewels but then I see Barry Manilow walk in from the side door and I'm thinking aw, geese, he's gonna ruin everything, besides he's Jewish. he shouldn't be here! 

Barry then begins to chit- chat with the saints about the kind of music they wanted him to sing and as he yammers on and on about his songs , I'm thinking, "Beat it Barry, we're busy,"  I want to hang out with the saints and watch them prepare to meet God, besides your songs are not "Mass worthy."  But noooooo, I'm stuck listening to him and worse yet I'm the one who has to ride with him in the car to a different  Cathedral which had been prepared for this special occasion.

As we rode in the car Barry tries to decide which songs to preform and he began to speak to me about his thoughts and feelings but then he asks me, "Did you know, I write the songs?" I said, "Yeah Barry, I know, I know." But all the while I'm praying, I just want to talk to God, and hang out with his people. I don't want to pray for Barry, I don't want anything to do with Barry.
 I know there's a lesson for me in that dream but I haven't figured it out yet. Thanks Barry.



Julie said...

Well, at least he didn't break into
"Oh Mandy".
Small consolation that, I know.

Anonymous said...

I love your dreams! They are so wild and nutsy--they'd make really good scenes in a comic movie.

I think yoru dream means you really don't like the trite music sung at most Masses but you bear with it anyway and try to focus on what you're there for.

Or, it might mean you need to pray for BM's conversion, so he really will be there playing in the heavenly Mass. In his glorified state, his music would transform and become totally awesome, ya know.


belinda said...

Hi Julie! Mandy is pretty awful.

Gette, He needs our prayers but I get so annoyed at people who interrupt my time with God - my prayer time. It happens constantly with my children around. I can't hear my own thoughts.

I miss blogging with you both and with our other blogger buddies too. I love to pray and sort out my thoughts by blogging but I haven't been feeling well for about 8 weeks. I'm doing much better now, though I'm overwhelmed.

We have two daughters getting married next year and I'm working on a blog, a power point,and facebook updates for our school principal. I'm also working on a powerpoint for my husbands retirement. To be honest, I'm really scared about all of these changes that are about to take place.
I'm so glad you haven't forgotten me! I always ask God to bless my blogger buddies- Please Dear God.

Julie said...


belinda said...

Thank you Julie.

Jjoy said...

When I was in parochial school, we actually sang "I can't smile without you" during the school Mass celebrating the pastor's ordination anniversary. I can't remember whether it was at the Offertory or Communion. Those were scary times.

belinda said...

Jjoy, Let's hope it wasn't during communion.

Enbrethiliel said...


Hmmmmm . . . two nights ago, I dreamt of Britney Spears.

belinda said...

Did you pray for her Miss E?

Enbrethiliel said...


Only after I read this post, Belinda! Thank you. =)

Britney would thank you, too, if she knew.

belinda said...

Miss E, Promise me that if we both get to heaven that you'll look for me.

I'm gonna look for all of my blogger buddies.