Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yesterday, after one of our two  daughters wedding engagements were called off, I said to her, "Fall into Christ, he should be our first love and our main focus, he's everything." She said, "I'm going to drive to Kansas City and walk through the ghetto and hope I get shot to death." I said, "Well, something much worse would happen before you were shot to death and then you'd get to live. It's time for you to live for Christ alone." She said, "He hates me, and he's screwed me over." I said, "Christ screws no one, people screw one another, besides Christ knows exactly how you feel because he was also betrayed by a kiss.

Our broken hearted daughter doesn't realize it yet but she did indeed dodge a bullet and she didn't even have to go to Kansas city to do it.


Julie said...

Oh, gosh. How hard.
Extra prayers from here.

belinda said...

Thank you so much. We are praying for God's will.

3puddytats said...

I understand her pain...

Years ago I had an engagement called off..and like you said as the years went by I understand the wisdom of it.

Mucho prayers your way!!


belinda said...

thank you Sara!

Pablo the Mexican said...

...So the young girl went home and took the image of Saint Anthony from the shelf in her parents home and threw it out the window.

She had prayed for a husband, asking Saint Anthony's help, but at the last minute, the young man jilted her at the altar.

Coming to her senses, she ran outside to see if she had hurt anyone.

Laying on the ground was a young man, knocked out by her wrath and the Saint Anthony statue.

They were married for more than fifty years.

Asking God for a husband means accepting the one He sends, not the one you choose.

He picks the best husbands for our souls, even if everyone thinks the man God sends is a bum.


belinda said...


Pablo the Mexican said...

You are a beautiful soul, Mrs. Belinda.


belinda said...

Your very sweet Mr.Pablo, I hope Jesus likes my soul, that's really all I want.

I'm going to purchase a St.Anthony statue and put it in the yard. Anthony and I are "tight"
I will see results, I know it!

Oh how I love our saints!I dream of them- I dream in Catholic.

Julie said...

Yes, one truly seems to form friendships with them. And it's fascinating to me how certain saints "pull you in" more than others. They have something about them that you can relate to personally.
Father James Martin, in his book about saints, wonders if this attraction might be because these saints are praying for us first, before we even take notice of them.
Kind of a lovely thought...
I like to assign saints to family members too. Some "fit" better somehow than others when asking for intercession.

Hang in there, sweetie.

belinda said...

Julie!! The communion of saints is one of the coolest things about God. The protestants are missing out.

I also believe saints will often pick us first. I've see them at times choose my children.

I'm convinced that I'm where I am (spiritually, maybe even physically) because of Padre Pio praying for me as a child and even though I wasn't Catholic.

I love people like you who "get it" and actually care about these kind of things.

Lola said...

better a broken engagement thean a broken family.

She did dodge a bullet.

And, she should know that her future prayers are answered.

I kid your darling not, but one day after she's embraced the love of Jesus, she'll be telling a story about this time in her life and won't even remember ole "what's his name" name!

And no, she won't be ancient. It might be less than two years from now.

And Belinda you told her the truth about Christ having a clue about how she feels. She should go on a little trip someplace pretty like Wisconsin's site of Mary's apparition

I plan on going there myself one day with the darlings.

This year we went to the Coral Castle instead. That was a lifetime's work of a man who was jilted the day before his wedding. Ouch! He turned lemons into lemonade. And 50000 people visit his work every year!

Oh, and she should know we're all praying for her! And I'm going to ask St. Joseph to find her a good husband!

I think St. Anthony is a good idea also. He finds everything.