Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ana said to me, "A man who works at the bank asked me out on a date today, he wanted to know if I ever dated older men and I said yeah, my last boyfriend was twenty-three , then he said, "Have you ever considered dating anyone older - like say... 46? But I told him no, though I would have considered it if he were the bank owner and not the bank president. (Ana loves to tease me and say things to raise my blood pressure- for fun.)
I said , "Don't make me slap you."

 I wish I could have been there to put grandpa in his place.

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3puddytats said...

Hey--I'm 47 and I don't FEEL old!! (I try real hard not to look old either :)

And then I work around all the cute military actually said "Hi" to me today :)

The guys my age are old and tired and pay too much child support :) Although I have a horseback riding date with a cute Mormon cowboy this Saturday..he's 5 years younger than I....:)