Saturday, September 3, 2011

To my children -

As I walked into Walmart,  I watched an elderly couple arguing in public next to the parking lot. The man must have been around 95 with his cougar wife who's frozen  bouffant was defiant to the wind. The woman had a patch over her right eye and glared at the poor man with her one good eye as he haunched over a shopping cart which was serving double duty as a walker. He mumbled something to the woman and she yelled back loudly so he and everybody else could hear, "Now what are we supposed to do, just stand here and look STUPID!?!
I thought to myself , geese if you argue like this in public what must it be like at home in private? And why would a person speak nicer to the grocery store checker than to her own husband.
   Colossians 3:19
Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter towards them.
We wives have an obligation to not give cause to our husbands becoming bitter.


Pablo the Mexican said...

My Secretary is an Italian woman I recruited while i was in New York, Long Island.

I was fighting on behalf of a Padre that was being harmed by the faithful.

She fell in to help my efforts by doing all the girl stuff that needed to be done.

Once we went to the movies and dinner just to get some air.

She began discussing with me our duties and responsibilities, and became agitated at my attitude.

Police started to circle around us, and I told her somebody must have robbed a bank or something.

Finally, the cops said they were looking at us because of 'domestic violence'.

I laughed and called them sissy boys, that her shouting was the way women 'splain things to an idiot.

Some people fight like two cats in a bag.

Their passion is kept within the confines of their relationship.

This does not mean they do not love God.

Bitterness between married couples comes when one or both abandons the cross.

Bitterness cannot enter your heart until you abandon the cross.

Two people sitting staring at each other in old age waiting to die after abandoning the Faith is much more tragic than two cats in a bag.

Pray for marriages; proper ones, and ask people "How long have you been married?"

When they say the circumstances, tell them if it pleases or displeases God.

Help them remedy their souls.

Carry the business card of your Priest with you, that he may fix what's in need.

Passion in a marriage is good, provided Christ's hand is in the marriage.


Julie said...

Pablo, you are never, ever boring.

Here is a scene I see repeated over and over again in the grocery store of our small town: A couple of retirement age shopping. The man wants to buy a generic brand because it's cheapest. The wife, who has been shopping for groceries for years on her own and resents this intrusion on her territory, insists that it'll just go to waste because Brand A, which she's always bought, is better. A minor squabble in low-pitched tones ensues.
I can't imagine shopping for groceries with my own husband when he retires. I think we've only done so a handful of times in 34 years of marriage.(Usually a major snowfall was involved) But this little drama that I witness so often makes me sad and anxious for the future. It's something I don't want to repeat.

belinda said...

Oh, that's an excellent point Julie. I forgot how much I can't stand to grocery shop with my activity director, we always but always get into a discussion about the wisdom of my purchases. I compulisvly buy two if something's on sale but he says don't buy it if we don't need it now. I hate shopping like that. I think it's foolish and with my OCD how long do you think it takes to pick out the perfect pint of strawberries, friggin' forever - that's how long!
Pablo, I noticed now that we're older we argue much less and when we do I try to keep my voice down but I learned that if he says something I don't like softly or yelling- either way, I get just as mad.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Thank you Mrs. Julie.

A couple of years before your husband retires, send him to your Padre that he may work around the Parish.

At first, he will have an extremely difficult time, but encourage him to pray before the Blessed Sacrament first, then wait until the Padre has an emergency that requires the Padre to put him in the game.

After that, he should have smooth sailing.

As long as he doesn't choose up sides, the us against them crowd, he should be okay.

It will not only keep him out of your hair, you will get the chance to send a few sandwiches to the Padre to enjoy along with your husband.

There are many times when I have driven several hundred miles while a Padre is sleeping in the car in the middle of the night for Extreme Unction.

The day will come when, if he does this, you will look into his old, blue eyes and tell him "I am proud of you."

That means a lot to us men.

God bless you and your family, Senora.


Julie said...

Thank you, Pablo.

I love stopping by here, Belinda. But then, you already knew that.

3puddytats said...

As a single gal I notice married couples all around me...

How witchy bitchy women assault their seemingly sweet gentle husbands with tongues of acid and vinegar, over something very trivial,in front of everyone, even in disrespect.

Plus they don't take care of themselves...

If they are tired of their husband I will gladly take them off their hands, treat them right and with respect.....and wear makeup and comb my hair...


Pablo the Mexican said...

".......and wear makeup and comb my hair..."

You're not willing to get rid of the pants and start wearing a veil, are you?

I didn't think so.


3puddytats said...

Pablo--hehe :)

For the record--I DO occasionally wear a dress to church...if I'm not riding my motorcycle :)

And I DID wear a long flowing skirt to work one day last summer when the A/C was out..

And I DID wear a veil I made myself for my Carmelite Temporary Promise..the lace was very slippery and I had to put in about 50 bobby pins to keep it from falling off my head.. :) But it really wasn't me and I was more worried about it falling off my head..


Anonymous said...

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