Saturday, December 31, 2011

During our Christmas break the weather in Kansas has been wonderful for difficult work. The soil and rocks that I collected could be handled in the afternoons after the soil had warmed up and the rocks were no longer frozen together.

I built the fire pit first  then I made a wheel chair accessible sidewalk. The next thing I plan on making is a rock patio around the pit and when spring arrives  I'll cement it all together and fill in all of the potential snake holes. I would also like to make a small rock wall as some sort of a table to put our things on while we cook over the fire. I will have my kids help repaint the benches and chairs then put some sort of plants out. I'm also going to spruce up their tree house (In the background) for safety sake.

I don't know what kind of plants to buy, I'm a terrible gardener -as you can plainly see.
 In the process, I hope this will be a good family project as I teach my youngest children how to cook over an open fire using a dutch oven and little else while my activity director tells his usual fibs about the gypsies who once roamed our forest.


Adrienne said...

Belinda - You may color me impressed. That is a wonderful fire pit. Gorgeous rocks. I'm jealous. Our fire pit (which is mainly for fun is nothing more than a hole in the ground lined with rocks and one layer of rocks to outline it.

Happy New Years, my dear. God bless you and your family...

belinda said...

It's so very nice to hear from you Adrienne! I think about you often and send a prayer or two your way.

Our fire pit is a fun family spot for us and I wanted to dress it up a bit. It beats housework because the kids cant mess it up. It should last.

I drive around in my car like an idiot and look for rocks from local construction sites. I can only haul about twenty at a time so been time consuming.

God bless you and your family in the coming new year.

Lola said...

That is wonderful!

You have been busy and I'm certain your family is going to have many happy memories of roasting marshmallows!

God Bless you Belinda.

belinda said...

Thank you Lola!