Saturday, June 9, 2012

 I've just finished my steam punk viewfinder mobile. I made it from scrap metal parts, nuts, bolts, hot glue, copper wire, viewfinders, viewmaster reels and cherry red paint. Three of my children have complained that I should have only used  antique view finders -I would have but they're expensive.

I've begun to think about my next project as I collect scrap metel pieces.
Art projects are the sweetest waste of time.

(*Location- Our garage)


Adrienne said...

I love it!!'re the only person I know who has a "decorated" garage.

belinda said...

Thank you. I'm in the process of decorating the garage to display our kids art projects. I'll add more photos as we progress.

I tell my childrens I'm making an "Art gallery" and they giggle when I say it in my "Thurston Howell the third" voice.

Terry Nelson said...

I love Thurston.

Anyway - I stopped by right after you posted - I thought it very cool - I know how you love viewfinders. I had one when I was small, with all the shrines of Europe.

I should send you all of my art for you to put in your gallery. I have no place to put it. I should try to sell it but I'm not good at pricing.

belinda said...

I love your art, except for the ones that cause me emotional pain. hahaha I especially like your icons. If I could paint like you, I would paint all of the time.

My next project will be a steam punk lighting -something or other, some sort of fun sculpture.
Jim Backus is buried under a tree beside his wife. They're crammed in tightly. Westwood cemetery seems to be full. Jim's tomb stone is very average and isn't in place anymore because a tree has uprooted it and left it in disarray. I believe it was or is broken. It almost seems like an afterthought how many of the celebrities are arranged. Some are sideways and some appear to be on top of one another. I wonder if they've been buried "Toes first" to save space because some are only a foot or so apart. These people had such privileged lives and its strange to me that their headstones often don't reflect that.

Anyway, I'd love to have a piece of your art. Not asking though, just saying..... In my gallery lovey.

I'm trying to show my children that what they make means something and is special to me.

Lastly, I have your shrines of Europe, and Jesus' tomb too...Thanks!

Lola said...

StemPunked! Awesome Fun

Your Art made me smile!

belinda said...

Thanks Lola