Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last night I dreamt about Padre Pio, he told me he was a victim soul for those who commit the sin of sodomy, though it wasn't common knowledge.

I don't know if it's true or not, and he didn't mention how he suffered, but he made it clear that he suffered in silence. 

I think I've grown rather lax about sodomy. I dearly love gay people and sometimes I forget about the gravity of the sin, you know love the sinner but hate the sin.  Sometimes I forget how offensive this is to God, as I thought about how I normalize, marginalize or often ignore sodomy all together.

Anyway, I thought it interesting, I do imagine there are innumerable pious deeds done for Christ in secret, now that's something I find real and lovely to ponder.


Unknown said...

No servant is greater than his master - Jesus gets the limo, you get to walk. I loved that one!

Unknown said...

Your blog will change many lives if you pray harder...Good luck!
God bless!
I love this blog...But pls don't put irrevelant stuff...Thanks!

Unknown said...

Pls check my blogs in this blog...
Only if you get time!

belinda said...

Dear Kibroth, the mundane works of our daily lives bring about graces from Christ which I can not live without. It's in my ordinary works, where Christ reveals himself to me. It's his divine providence that buoys me. It's from this providence where I've learned to fall in love with a God who continually rescues me.

I blog who I am, as my faith is knit throughout my daily life. I am totally irrelevant.
I'm not seeking hundreds of followers,or adulation, I'm seeking Christ, whose hidden in the irrelevant stuff.
God bless you.