Sunday, June 23, 2013

The confession loophole

It's none of my business what my boy has confessed to God during his private confession, so I'm not allowed to ask him what he's damaged or broken and I have yet to find the source of his guilt. Once Christ extends his mercy, forgiveness, and grace upon the penitent, i.e., the boy, I'm not allowed to even reprimand or punish him further, if, and when, I find out he's keyed my car, painted the back of the vinyl siding or shaved our cats. Though the boy is unaware of this little loophole about confession which favors the penitent, if I mention anything further about any future discoveries of his now confessed sins, or if I feel the anger rise within me from discovering his bad behavior, "I" will then be the one in-snared by the confession loophole.

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