Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I dreamt Obama made this awesome speech and held everyone enthralled, but afterwards he went down to the basement with a piece of the wall from the building where he had just spoke. He handed it over to a worker who filed it with either plastics, metal, wood, etc for recycling.  Many more people, were joining him and before you knew it, they had stripped the place bare, but it was okay because he, and his loyal minion staff were virtuously recycling, all the while verbally building one another up with some people being so enamored with the president, and  holding him in such high esteem that they couldn't see that the building at some point is going to crush them and everyone else in the basement.... 

All the while I saw Michelle was trying her hand at modeling as she fancies herself a trendsetter.

*Restating the obvious, though it wasn't any less a nightmare.

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