Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exorcising tough love

Dear homeschoolers, leaving the rest of the world in the wake of your many successes doesn't encourage a public who grows impatient with a group of people whom we feel consider themselves to be better than the rest of us. As a group, you've left a trail of humiliated, embarrassed, and angry educators, a handful of game show hosts (- makes me laugh), and politicians whose ineffective solutions so far have proven to be more of an exercise in waste and frustration.

Fearfully consider the people in powerful positions who wipe their bottoms with your awesome test scores as they lie in wait to pounce on a smug group of people with sucky social skills because your destain for the rest of us, ie; the world, has been made clear to us every time you speak. I agree, homeschooled people are better than the rest of us, but ya'll better keep it on the down-low because humility rules.  Does anyone remember why the Mormons were driven from Missouri? Some were even murdered. Remember too , that being brighter than your brethren creates new problems for yourselves as your gift of knowledge isn't a solution in itself  as you must consider your responsibilities of service towards your fellow man has now magnified. Lastly, as you graze at the foot of the tree of knowledge, consider what caused the downfall of man in the first place.

*Disclaimer, Using exorcising in the context as I had done was intentional and not a result of my lilliputian brain power,... feel free to correct my punctuation.

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Enbrethiliel said...


My comment is late, but I wanted to say that I agree with this. Last year, I realised I don't like the way some rich people in my country use their money to create another world for themselves. Now I see that I'll have to be consistent when it comes to the way some really smart people use education to create another world for themselves.