Monday, March 3, 2014

"Frozen" - The prequel

About ten years ago, I found a note while I was cleaning our daughter Elizabeth's bedroom. She had written down a dozen or so of her lifes goals though I can only remember one of them because I thought it was so unrealistic, dreamy and unattainable. She wrote; #8, I want to work on an academy award winning movie. I thought, geeze she's in for a lifetime of supreme disappointment and I figured that four year degree in painting pretty much sealed the deal as a tenured waitress at Denny's. Anyway, she did it, and we're super proud of her. Sometimes God's will is stunning, yet even so, he didn't make the ride any less difficult or painful for her as he pushed her onward. 


*The above concept art pictured, was not made by Elizabeth. Our daughter's a lighter , who I like to say, "Makes the Disney magic". She worked on the snow queens ice castle and dealt with refraction issues as she made the ice reflect, sparkle, and shine. 


 I hope God remembers I have a list as well, it's super short, only one thing listed, also surprising, but no one can find it because it's written on my heart where only God can see it


Unknown said...

You have such amazing children. All of them. Every.Single.One. I suppose it is b/c of such amazing parents.

And another really weird thing…

I was looking at my blog this afternoon…and have "link within" on it. An old post caught my eye…of Baby Luke's FIRST hair cut. So I clicked on it. Reread it. Then read the comments…

And there YOU were…a comment you left "years" ago that I had never read.

God's providence. Always.


Blessings dear friend!!!

Unknown said...

Okay, I just reread my comment above…it makes it sound as if it is "weird" that you have awesome kids…which is not at all what I meant.

I'm totally babbling here…


Lola said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! Keep sparkling and shine your light!

God Bless you Belinda on your list. You're a sweetheart!

belinda said...

No worries Valerie.

Thank you Lola.