Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I specifically told the boy not to sleep with the cat. I specifically told the cat that he's not allowed to sleep in the house. The boy is sound asleep upon the cat and I'm surprised that the cat allows this but the cat doesn't seem to mind. In fact neither one of them mind very well at all....

but then neither does the dog.


3puddytats said...

When I was a starving college student I would turn the heat WAAAYY down in my drafty little ol cottage to save evry penny I could...but I had a toasty warm REAL down comforter..I could tell how cold it was going to be by how many cats end up snuggling in my bed...I had three at the time..they'd put their differences aside to keep warm..


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Did you do the walls in the bottom picture?

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

great post

Lola said...

Your son has a 'dream room'.

I'm nominating you for a "Ty Pennington Extream Makeover" show. No, not for your house but as an advisor to the designers!

I would have loved a room like that as a kid, and my youngest is trying to talk me into a similar design for hers.

God Love you Belinda!

Pablo the Mexican said...

That a child may rest their sweet head upon a good pillow and be under a warm blanket is what I had in mind when it was decided to begin a homeless program in the city in which I live.

Children need to have the opportunity to live as a child; too often lack of love and turmoil between parents deprives them of childhood.

May God bless your children always and please pray the Mother of Mercy brings the suffering ones through our door, where we serve our Divine Master through His children.

God be with you, Senora.


Julie said...

If I was Buster that's where I'd want to sleep too.

belinda said...

Sara, I turn the heat way down- for fun. Not to worry my little tykes have down comforters as well- though generally they've fallen upon the floor.

Cliff, My daughter painted two characters and then left for college. I finished the last
70'X 8' alone and it took me two years. I'm not a painter nor do I enjoy painting but my kids love their room. I will post more photos of the room so you can see
- I'm not a painter. I'm a blogger. Ummm- not so much a blogger either. hahahaha

Jackie, Please post more "cake" photos. I will too! I wanted to know what flavor of cake your husband is creating. What a special cake - when it's made by a parent!

Lola, my son's room is plain except for a deer head who we affectionately refer to as Spike but my activity director is creating a train room.... I'm doing the diorama and the clouds.

With the rate at which he's buying trains one would think that he's not actually poor. ;) Thanks for the love Lola. Oh, and that Disney room - it all started with a magic mirror, second hand of course.

I want to talk to you about a way that you've probably already thought of to help the poor. I will send an email to you when I get a chance. I'm sure you already do this and I won't be much help at all but I will tell you later. I have to go to a pro life dinner tonight. (Though I say sarcastically- I don't think a dinner will do much good.)

Here's a link to an interesting youtube site - invisible people.tv

It's your lucky day my dear! Buster is for sale, no, no for you he's free! Send a self addressed box- with holes, to Belinda @ Kansas. He's house trained and he's friendly as he loves to banter back and forth with skunks. To sweeten the pot, I will throw in - at no additional charge a devil dog. Enough said about him.

belinda said...

Pablo, I can not locate your email address to tell you the things we do in Kansas for Catholic charities.

I would be glad to share a couple of ideas if you respond to my email... Thank you


Enbrethiliel said...


Such sweet animals you have!

The children are cute, too. ;-)