Saturday, November 15, 2008

Children often pay for their parents sexual sins.

Most pregnant American Mom's are tested for everything under the sun to avoid passing diseases to their unborn babies. If we lived in "Prairie Times" we would have many, afflicted children , from sexual sins, but because of technology, and modern medicines , children can now avoid a lot of physical ailments , but not always. I know of an older child that has "Herpes" because of her Mom. I suspect that there are many kids living with these adult types of diseases.
Isn't it strange that some men ( and women) are not too particular about whom they have sex with , but often when there's a child involved in the picture -sent to them either through birth, adoption, or from a step parent situation, or even from a live in situation, some adults become rather picky about whether or not to love , and nurture that child, (or children) that came along with the mother- THAT THEY'RE HAVING SEX WITH. I keep thinking about the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself- Maybe you could love (show kindness to, speak civil to ..) the kid in the house that your staying at -that sleeps down the hall. It really isn't a choice, it's more of a commandment.

Children want to love ,and be loved, and step parents who refuse to do the simplest of commandments , are missing out on wonderful , and long lasting relationships, and you will be held accountable before God.

Children pay a heavy emotional , and often physical price for the behavior of the adults that they live with. All the while our society becomes sicker, and sicker.

Sexual sins , are not okay, they will earn you a fine spot in hell. The sacrament of Confession , heals , and repairs, but you gotta show up for confession, and you gotta make some changes.

*And for a few of you step parents out there
( including -uncles, neighbors, family friends , babysitters, etc..) who believe that nobody will ever find out that your molesting a child that has been entrusted to your care, let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR.

The finest spots in hell await for you.......
Secrets NEVER say secret forever, and someday when you least expect it , payment comes due.

The holy bible says's in the book of Mark -

Mark 9
41 And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea.


LeoRufus said...

I can't even go there. The number of girls, you know, teens ages 15 to 20 with herpes and human papilloma virus would just make you sick. And boys (same age group) with herpes and genital warts. But you don't hear about it. They (the powers that be) just recommend the gardasil shot to prevent genitally transmitted cervical cancer. It is just horrible, and things are getting worse. Just thinking about it makes me horribly despondent.

Belinda said...

I know. I do get despondent.

Mr. Terry told me to snap out of it.
Thank you , and I will try. I will need a dayish or two.

It takes time for the Lord to bring be back to some level of peace,and comfort.I was too angry to go to confession yesterday. It's stupid to confess without humility - just anger.

Our most treasured, and beautiful resource is imploding- our children.