Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I despise false religions.

I will only accept the truth , and not parts of it either. Give me the whole platter of truth. I am not a cafeteria Catholic, accepting only the parts of Catholicism that I am comfortable with.

I want it all, because it's the hard stuff that makes me grow the most.

It's the hard stuff that draws me closer to God,

and the hard stuff makes me the person that I am called to be.

It's through the hard stuff that I can find God. The hard stuff is worth fighting for,
worth working for, worth dying for.

We are not an "easy "people we have enormous value but we must stop
trying to make everything about our lives easier.
It's funny how I have learned the most about God from the smallest people , or from grown people, that I have little respect or admiration for.
Day by day , little by little my knowledge, and faith grows.
but, I am antsy. I want more.

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