Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Salvanians, don't you just love 'em ?

Again -I dropped off some stuff at the Salvation Army, and I struck up a conversation with this amazing man. I mentioned something about God , as I always do, and then so did he.

We bantered cool thoughts and ideas about God for about an hour back and forth in the drop off lane of the Salvanians parking lot.(my child's plural word for the people who work at the Salvation army) It was like an amazing game of tennis, back ,and forth with neither one of us dropping the ball. It was so cool, then my last statement to him was .... Hey, why does life have to be so hard? It can be crushingly hard, why? God could have made it easier.... His reply was ,

"It's because you are in a battle for your immortal soul".

I miss that guy, and I have never seen him since.

I can be so slow.

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