Friday, December 26, 2008

Father Brossart- Look at that man fish!!

Fr. Scott W. Brossart-
I founded this group on Christmas Day as a gift to Jesus on His Birthday. My intention is to help and challenge each and every Christian to come closer to Jesus and to accept and live EVERYTHING He handed on to us in our Faith. If you know of any Christian who is open to the fullness of the Faith or desires it, even if they are not Catholic, I would like you to challenge them to join and to seriously take that step out into the DEEP in Christ.

Belinda's response to our good Fr. Brossart-
I would like to suggest that perhaps it is more difficult to grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus without that relationship being based on trust. Once you have learned to trust that God himself will meet your needs then your relationship will bloom, and flourish, this relationship of total, and complete trust is undermined when a person / couple uses birth control. They are in essence saying first , and foremost that they know better than God , and that they don't trust that God will provide for them -by his divine assistance.
Every large family knows that their existence is totally, and completely dependent upon God. If I use birth control , then I am depending on "ME", and I am placing my faith in a product, and in myself , and I am playing God.
When I say "NO" to God then it's not just a trust issue anymore , you have complicated the whole matter, and God takes a "No" from a person very seriously.
Flying without a parachute is very scary, but it must be done. This is how God reveals himself to us. He waits to save us , and he waits to assist us. Like any good Father would.
I feel that this is one of the very "basic" ideas of trust that must be overcome before a soul can go any further. Why should you learn to depend upon God if you don't need anything- Food... shelter... or clothing, and the necessary miscellaneous items. God wants you to depend upon him, and to cling to him. He waits for you. YOU , the person who is reading this , but no matter what kind of life that you choose for yourself , you will still suffer in some way so if your trying to avoid suffering it just isn't going to happen for you , or for any of us.

*BTW - Father, how fast can you run in those shoes? You never know with nature,
when the need might occur :-)
Father can be reached over on Facebook- He's a "soul- man" that's his job
- go over , and say "hi" , he's very nice.


Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT said...

Belinda, thank you for the ad and for the apropo connection to fishing for souls. I really love reading your blogs.

belinda said...

Yesterday I was wondering why I even blog to begin with. I have social anxiety.
When I blog -I mostly pretend that I am only talking to God.
I have even formed my confessions on my blog before -


I -Write - click- print- drive and then confess! :)