Friday, December 19, 2008

Our children made ginger bread houses today !

Joseph is decorating his gingerbread house. It was a pre-fab. It came pre- assembled, Joseph ate as much of the candy as he could then he glued the leftovers onto his house. He worked on his house , and ate candy for about two hours.
Here is his finished product. Yum! The fake cotton snow looks so reeeeal!
The chocolate angel on top is thankful that Joseph didn't eat her.
Here is Rose's house . We think that it turned out really nice , and it looks so yummy. We thought that her roof looked really great too. She used "Chex" cereal for roofing shingles. Here is Maria's project. She made her house from scratch. She made the ginger bread batter, and baked it. We ran out of bread so she had to use a piece of cardboard for the roof which was a good idea. In fact next time that we do this we will skip the 2 hour process of baking the gingerbread, and just get out the glue gun , and some cardboard. It would work much better, and we will never really eat this stuff anyway. Oh Joseph will gnaw on it, but not the rest of us.
Here Maria is making the gingerbread batter.
Here it the mess that they left behind for me. After all of that work ,
they were too tired for clean up ,but
together we cleaned up this mess in no time.
Poor Maria , her gingerbread house had foundation issues. Maria has learned how importiant a good foundation is. She had hurt feelings that she lost the back wall. It's okay Maria, we will try again next year, and you learned some great things.

BTW, did you notice how long that we worked on these? We began earlier
in the day when it was light outside, and we worked intil it was late,
and Joseph went through a few changes of clothes - as usual.
All cleaned up - and here are our finished gingerbread houses - our village. Maybe next year our children might like to make a ginger bread nativity set. Hum, how would I make the people though? I will think about it. I have a year to come up with something.


Kirk said...

Ginger Bread houses - they look great!
I have never made one of those but now I am thinking that your children are inspiring me! ...

I think I would join young Joseph and every now and then gnaw on a piece (or perhaps two)!

belinda said...

Kirk- Our Joseph keeps picking candy off of the houses when we are not looking. I knew that happen.
Poor Maria nearly cried when two of her walls fell in.
Next year we will know what we are doing.

Did you read my "King Kong" post below ? We were talking about you !! ;)