Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm still dealing with the "Clapper" issue.

I have been unable to convince Kate that the "Clapper" would be a really crappy gift.
So I guess that tomorrow- bright, and early, I will be off to buy a "Clapper" from our local pharmacy beside all of the other "elder" aid products .
That word -"Clapper", just sounds awful - much like an S.T.D. that the school nurse warned us about in our P.E. class - back in 1979.
Ya know I would buy a "Clapper" for myself if I could get one to start the laundry for me,
or maybe the dishwasher.
Now that would be something that I would really want to have.
If it could produce a meal for us by me clapping then I would want to have several.
Heck if that were the case then I would have a clapper in pretty much every outlet in my home doing something productive for me, and creating a bunch of confusion.


Melody K said...

Well, I want a Christmas clapper. I want it to bake those cut-out frosted cookies with the colored sugar and candy decors that my kids can't have Christmas without.
And I want it to Martha Stewartize my whole house and baby-proof it for our little granddaughter (aren't those mutually exclusive?).

Melody K said...

LOL about "clapper" sounding like an STD.
Clapper made me think of those wooden things they used to use instead of bells on Good Friday in pre-Vatican II days.