Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arnold # 2, People who scare me.( this is a re-post, because I am going to revive this series.)

To my sweet heart Elizabeth - I turned on the TV last night ,and I watched about 20 minutes of the terminator, and I found myself laughing in all of the wrong places. I watched Arrrnold crash his hummer (I think it was his hummer-everything happens so quickly) into the front of the police office headquarters, then the officer at the front desk says's to him ,"yeah, can I help you?" . Of course , Arrrnold is very grumpy, and says's "whhhere is Sawarhh Connaaar." All the while he has an oozy in this right hand and a flame thrower in his left. Now you would think that, "that" would be the end of the discussion , but noooo. The man who questioned Arrrnold died a slow and painful death. Soooo.......

I began to think about the people in real life that I think are scary , and I made a little list for you. If you run across these people in Cali-forrrnia run like hell the other way. Love Mom.