Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Atheists , over on face book, my space, YouTube, and pretty much everywhere far, and wide.

I posted this little video for you, and I brought along some of my christian friends-(we are the live audience in this video). Don't forget that we are many in numbers , and as our economy, and our lives in general begin to take a turn for the worse, our numbers will continue to grow. We are unstoppable, unmovable, and unforgettable.
Keep in mind that most of our praying force you can not see, they are on the other side waiting for us, yet assisting us with their prayers. We really do love atheists,and in fact when you are suffering ,and in need in some way or another it will be my christian brothers ,and sisters that will offer you assistance. We are called to help those in need ,and at some point even you will be in need , because that's just part of the human condition. God bless you all. I pray that you find the answers that your looking for..... quickly.

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