Saturday, January 17, 2009

The "Child catcher" in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

Paul insisted that we watch ,"Chitty Chitty bang bang" together as a family last night. He's so sweet.(Paul thinks that it's a new release. It's not.
It's from 1968 shhh.)I am thinking that after our five kids have viewed the "child catcher" scene we will end up with a few frightened children elbowing us all night long. Smooth move "Einstein". It's a mortification to sleep with your child's elbow in your back. Particularly mortifying if they happen to wet on you. That's just dandy. I will need a nap tomorrow. Maybe for family night tomorrow the children might enjoy watching "Norman Bates in Psycho". Besides it would also open up for us Parents more bathroom time for ourselves, and more hot water for us! Like they would even want to take a shower after that movie. They use too much water anyway. I see a water reduction in our future.

*Disclaimer, "The child catcher" isn't really part of the Obama administration. These things take time, and they must be done delicately my pretty.

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Anonymous said...

The child catcher, scary. It is scary to take a shower, every time i do, i think of that movie, that is why I take baths. :D