Monday, January 19, 2009

Here I am Lord.

This is a photo of me that was taken sometime around December of 1964. I was 3 at the time - one month shy of being 4 .Here I am questioning- interrogating, Santa's assistant asking her,
"where are your pants!"
( Those were fishnet stockings that she was wearing.)
I 'm sure she was delighted to hear that question since her Mother probably asked her the same thing before she left for work.
I have always been some sort of a self appointed "religious policeman". I was born old, and Conservative. I don't know why. I can't conform, and I has caused me great pain. I really don't like that about myself , but it's just who I am. I think that at some point it will lead to my demise, because someday I will ask the wrong questions of the wrong person, but because I can't seem to change the fundamental person of who I am way down deep inside , well then I am just stuck.
My parents didn't know what to do with me either. They were very liberal 1960's kind of folk, and I just never matched up with the rest of the family. I really was a genetic fluke of nature, and miserable.

What were you thinking God? "Why should I care who goes to hell." "It really is your problem after all isn't it?" "Am I my brothers keeper?" Besides there are far better spokesman than I am . Faaar better. I keep thinking that if you want em Lord, then you go get them. Maybe I should just live my life with my head down, and my mouth shut. Yeah , that's the new plan.
*Note the lady smirking on the far right. I do remember the giggles, Although I don't remember our "hot" helpers response.


Anonymous said...

Cute post, Belinda, appropriate for Sunday's Mass readings. This is my first time going to your blog. I've seen you in Terry's commentary boxes for months (years?) now, but I didn't get the memo that you started your own blog.

I just want to say that I LOVE the map of your brain! What a crack-up! I need to map my brain, so when I lose all my marbles, they'll have a guide to follow for when they put them back! Also, great selection of paintings/icons of the Saints that you have on the sidebar.

God bless!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Great post...I was born in 1962...

belinda said...

Georgette , thanks for the love, I'm feeling a bit down today. My daughter called me a "freak" yesterday.(among other things)

And then there was an "atomic" explosion inside of my brain. I haven't fully recovered.
The teen however is doing fine bouncing around the house like nothing ever happened.

Hi, Jackie, always nice to see ya.

Melody K said...

I love the picture, you were a cute kid!

Lola said...

You were very sweet!

My dd at four couldn't help but point out people who were 'naked' out in public. Like the lady in super short cut-offs and bra-style top in the dairy department at the Winn Dixie. "Mommy, why is that lady naked?" In a clear sweet voice. The "lady" grabbed her carton of milk and ran.