Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia calls for a "New World Order", and you can read all about it over on "Drudge"

Say fellas, can I get 6 happy meals, 3 big macs, 8 waters, and 3 large fries ?
Tell me how are you gonna keep my order separate from the rest of the new worlds order.
It's gonna be a really big order don't cha think?
I hope you can get it right.
Um, on second thought can I back out of the order ,
and just be on my own?
For some reason this story reminds me of the" The Pied Piper of Hamelin".
It's a really creepy story too.
*Disclaimer, although this is the ACTUAL Ronald McDonald pictured above,
the other two men are not REAL world leaders.
Nor are anyone of them the Prime Minister Rudd.
Belinda is just goofing around with you , but only just a little,
because world domination is a serious thing- it's just not that funny.


Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT said...

How are you able to download YouTube and the load them on to your blog? I really want to know.

Anyway, I love the Ronald McDonald theme here... very apropo. Before you even typed it.. I thought of the pied piper. Anyway, I have a new music video called "Stand By Me" from music around the world... it rocks and can be found either on my facebook profile or at the very bottom of my blog. God bless you for all you do.

belinda said...

So you sing ,and dance too Padre?

When you log onto your blog go to the dashboard, then go to "create", then click on "edit HTML" tab that is on the right top side. Then go to the song or video that you want and copy the "embeded" code from the right side of the video. Most codes are disabled now because record labels are cracking down on their music being used so most of the time now the "embeded code" has been disabled. Oops, I said that twice. When you do find a working one then copy it . Then past it to the screen you don't need to even bother with the upload image, nor the upload video- just put it the embeded code onto the screen. You can even add an image with it but then you have to click the image , and upload a picture ,and you still put the video on the same way. Be careful though because you will loose your video if you try to go back and fix something that you said ,and your in the wrong window, just hit the back buttons. You'll figure it out.
I am trying to figure out how people use references on their blogs when have "key" words to click on that take them directly to that source. "here"- then you click ,and your there.

Have a fun super bowl day !
I think that we're pretty save with Bruce Springsteen as far as a wardrobe malfunction is concerned... Darn... ;)
I'm teasing.

DionysiosD said...

Gosh - I really hope Springsteen does NOT have a wardrobe malfunction, that could be real UGLY!