Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yikes Batman !! One of your friends called my house last night, and it wasn't Julie Newmar !!

Last night someone from the underworld called our home around 3:00 in the morning. No I don't think that it was a Mafioso , besides if it were I wouldn't blog about it. I would keep my mouth shut. I don't want concrete shoes, and I prefer to keep all of my body parts just as they are - in order. Bloggers can get sooo angry.
It all started around 1:00 AM. Our son had an awful nightmare. He was scared so he crawled into my side of the bed , and after about an hour he screams at me, I am wet help me! All the while I am thinking , yeah me too, and that's just dandy, why couldn't it be on your Dad's side of the bed?
Then of course he wants his daddy so he decides to stay in our bed , because it's warmer, softer, happier, and ghost free unlike his own bed. ( we are not strict enough parents) So I grab a towel because the wet spot is now MY spot, and I think to myself- the modern day mortification's begin very early today.
Then around 3:00 AM the phone rang I began to pray, and brace myself. It is amazing how much information you can think about in 30 seconds . I thought please God - I pray it isn't one of our children, and I pray it isn't a family member calling to say "so, and so has died" , and then I thought- please God let it be a pervert. I began to well up with fear , and "Belinda-ism's "- just in case. Please Dear God I prayed....Perv.... Perv.....Perv .
Paul listened to the call then he hung up , and he asked me to tell him what the number was from our caller ID , and I am not joking the number was 6--5656. With the mathematical six's pretty much in order , I thought well that's just great Satan called. Then I hoped that he wasn't asking for me personally, and then I wondered if he was calling to complain about me, I thought get in line behind all of the other people that I tend to aggravate.
I wanted to call the number back , but Paul said no. I asked Paul what the person said on the other end of the phone. Paul said it was a man "meowing" like a cat, and then I said , "did it sound like Caramel my cat?" I love Caramel and I know that he has been unhappy with the quality of service that I have been providing for him . I always take Caramel's calls.

If the cat man calls again tonight I will be ready with some "Belinda -isms", and some cat treats. I will have to think hard though. I have never been confronted with a cat man before , or anybody pretending to be a cat except for Joseph, and he was a " black panther" - not your common house cat.

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