Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you think that if I traveled to California that I could avoid Mr.Simmons , and body scans ?

This post is another one of those two-fers , you have possessed robots turning on their human masters like the ones over on "Drudge" , but we also have featured Tulsa passengers being patted down in the same "News" footage.

This reminds me of another history making paring of like minds from "hooter-ville". Remember when Granny Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies came to visit Petticoat Junction ?
Hooter ville had a number of other colorful residents too -just like the Obama administration. The Ziffels had their pet pig "Arnold" and he was the smartest member of the family.
Don't forget about Mr. Haney the shifty traveling salesman who is now in charge of world finance, and Eb Dawson who was the towns handyman extraordinaire- he plans on doing the retro-fitting work in the government buildings as part of "Obamas" energy savings plan. Remember Sam Drucker played the same guy on all three shows, "Petticoat Junction" the "Beverly Hillbillies",and "Green Acres". Sam was efficient at networking !!
Gene Simmons, and robots are freaky. BTW, I saw Kiss back in 1977 at a concert ,but fortunately I was seated very far away.

Ya know Mom never mentioned that I had to have clean underwear for airport body scans only for car wrecks. Yikes -should I fly or drive?

Show hopping was like blogging back in the olden days. Everyone was always making appearances on other bloggers shows.

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