Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey, what do you have in mind ?

Dear Kate , you know yesterday when that boy asked you for your cell phone number did he happen to mention what he wanted to talk to you about? He wasn't that 9TH Grade boy with the mustache was he? Is he the kid that drives the Van? Tell me more about this boy, gosh I would like to know EVERYTHING about him. You handled this situation beautifully Kate, good job, and this is another reason why you don't have a cell phone.
Dear God , sometimes I think that you hate me , cause your killing me here, but after giving this some careful consideration I know that you do indeed love me ,and you can hardly wait for us to be together so perhaps you have decided to kill me faster - on purpose! Look around God ,you have 6ish billion people on the planet isn't there someone else that you would rather kill first? You know I can only die to self so many times till I "AM" actually dead. Is that your plan Lord ? Nobody kills me or makes me laugh like you do God, and I Love you God, Belinda

God - he's killing me softly, and while you're listening to this song you get to suffer along. It's kinda like a sing along - it's a suffer along.

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