Thursday, February 19, 2009

Privacy concerns frustrate Facebook.

Facebook claims to have 175 million users. I don't remember what the minimum age requirement is to set up an account , but kids lie about their age, mine did, and so did all of their friends. I didn't catch that at the time, but as I sit here typing that's starting to sink into my brain. Our teens have their own computers . Paul , and I really hate that , but their high school only uses computers - did you catch that ? No books are used. Much of their homework is turned in by computer too. We have a printer that they can hook up to to make paper copies of their work when necessary. I spoke with the technology teachers , and hopefully our kids will be blocked from youtube, and facebook in a couple of weeks.
* Steve Perry's youtube hits will tank after Kate is blocked.
Belinda does tough love, and Kate hates me. :(

Dear creepy facebook leaders,
I feel much better now the you say you have corrected the problem.

Repeat after me..... facebook is goooood.

Dear Mr.Perry, your pants are sooo tight here that I am actually concerned for your personal safety..... Safety never takes a holiday.

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