Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We never eat fish on the island of Kansas .

Do you know how long it takes for a fish to swim to Kansas? By the time it gets here we really don't want it anymore. Why do you think Kansas City is the Barbecue capital of the universe? Besides I don't know how to cook fish, and I hate fish. Which will make for a sweeter mortification during Lent, or we could just order cheese pizza's - no anchovies. (Who eats those nasty things?)


Terry Nelson said...

No - you really are that funny.

LeoRufus said...

Hmm, so much for the cholesterol advice. salmon and trout are excellent fish, I eat them all the time. I took a dislike for meat after anatomy class - tendons really turn me off. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. makes my wife real mad sometimes.

Belinda said...

No Terry, your way funnier than I am -I promise. Your always saying or doing something that cracks me up.

Leo, ewwwwwwwww.

Belinda said...

Leo, when your in a hurry what do you eat, you know fast -food wise?

How much do you love those McFish sadwiches?

Belinda said...

Leo, isn't it funny how your spouse's cross becomes your cross too , "by marriage".

LeoRufus said...

belinda - in a hurry I eat ClifBar nutrition bars.

I have been observed to eat the following while traveling: McDonalds - 2 cheeseburgers, large fries, medium drink. The little thin dry patties are so gound up I cannot recognize any anatomical structures: Tendons, eyeballs, snouts, ears, hooves, genital organs, they have all been ground up into a nice grat patty that resembles the patties they used to deposit in the field, then covered with ketchup and pickles so you can't taste the mystery meat. So yes I do eat meat, but only when travelling or when force fed meat (tendons, arteries and all) by my dear holy and grace filled wife. We just celebrated our anniversary - so she HAS to be grace filled to make it throu another year, surely she could not do it without the assistance of God through the medication of the Blessed Mother.

LeoRufus said...

Umm, typos:

gound up = ground up

grat patty = gray patty

throu another = through another

medication of the Blessed Mother = MEDIATION of the Blessed Mother, although maybe to put up with me "medication" is perhaps correct and there are appartitions that go on without my knowing.

BVM "Here dear, just take this and your headache will go away, remember, your Purgatory is here in this life with 'him' so just be patient, I will come for you when it is time."

Wife "Thank you Blessed Mother, pray for me now and at the hour of death amen."

Poor thing.

Vincenzo said...

"no anchovies. (Who eats those nasty things?)"

me :Þ

Belinda said...

Vince ,the porny waffles were way better.