Monday, February 2, 2009

"That girl"

I had a dream about Ms.Thomas last night. I was praying for her , while I was watching
her drown in choppy water next to a boat dock - in the dark .
I remember thinking ; God I don't have anything in common with her. I am not feeling the love, and I can't pray for her, I have resentment towards her because of her liberal views,
but I prayed for her anyway.
Then when I awoke, I remembered all of the wonderful, marvelous, and holy work that she has done for children and for St. Jude's hospital ,
and then I was filled with nothing but shame, and remorse for my thoughts.
I love people who love , and assist children especially ailing or disabled children.
I had forgotten how much I loved Marlo since the last time that I had seen her sponsoring a St. Jude's commercial where she was trying to raise money for her fathers hospital.
As I grow older it is becoming clearer to me that I need to stop judging people, and that people are just like me -and most are trying to do the best that they can, and like me -often times people are either simply confused or wrongly educated, or they "just don't get it."
I am called to love, and to pray for people whether or not I agree with them, or their "ideas".
No matter if I like them or not.
It isn't about how "I" feel.
I think that people who work to save sick children are doing the holy work of God.
Say, Marlo would you pray for me today,
because I suck, and I am concerned that I may be unknowingly drowning.


Melody K said...

I used to like her in "That Girl". Liked her Dad, too. I thought she could have done better than Phil Donahue, but now I'm being snarky.

belinda said...

Snarky is what got me into this mess. I was snarky in my dreams. How sad is that.