Monday, February 2, 2009

Anastasia "borrows" all of my face book friends.

Ana , you have 1,166 face book friends. That's more people than in many villages through out the globe , and bigger than some parishes. So why do we have to share my only 5 face book friends? Some people are sooo clingy. My children always want to know what I am doing at all times, and they want to know if I am talking about them, so I guess that's why, and besides my new face book friend Brian is super cute.
I wonder if he's Catholic? But I 'm thinking you've already thought about that too.
I love you so much Ana Banana, and I am glad that someone cares about me and wants to know what I am up to.
Send me a list of things that you want for us to bring before little siblings day ......
Afterwards can we leave Joseph with you ? He drives us crazy.
Besides he likes your room mate. :0
He's a simple boy -all he needs is a hammer , and some time.
*Hey, BTW I did notice that your sticking your tongue out at me.
(My kids always did it very discreetly)


Melody K said...

Ana's full name is Anastasia? That's so pretty!

belinda said...

Ana is a lovely person inside, and out.

belinda said...

I was sitting in Mass, and I was pregnant ,and miserable, and I said Okay God, what ever Saint name that I hear at Mass that will be her name, and my grandmothers name was Anna.
It could have been worse. I learned to NEVER make important decisions while I was pregnant.

Ana told me that she likes her name.

belinda said...

And it means-

Adrienne said...

Well - I think she needs to just loan us all of her gazillion friends. I only have 127, so I could use some more...

belinda said...

Adrienne I told her that I think the perv ratio is at least one in 10 so if you have 1,000 friends then how many are creepers?

It's a bad idea to have that many.

*Disclaimer - I am just guessing about that perv ratio, but it's not good.

belinda said...

Besides girls , I would rather have a handfull of really great friends, than a zillion friends that couldn't care less for me.