Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mortification's day 7 Hey , don't I know you ?

I was secluded inside of the confessional , and I poured my heart out to God .
It's always so very humbling anyway, then when I was finished I breathed a sign of relief ,
and I waited for my absolution.
My Dear Priest said to me , "well, Belinda..."
Then when I realized that he knew me , my heart sank , and my mind went blank.
I have no idea what he said to me after that because I kept thinking ...
Dear God now he will hate me. We love our Priests ,and we want them to love us too.
I thought gosh , how will I ever look him in the face again when he stops over for breakfast ?

His sister was in line behind me , and she said to me, " I think I will go to confession do you think that he will recognize my voice ?" I said, " oh , he'll never know it's you." Ooops.


Melody K said...

That's like the story a friend of ours told. He was from a small town, and that was back when everybody went to Confession behind the screen. When he had finished his confession, Father said "Mike, could you go back to the sacristy and turn the thermostat down?" So much for anonymity!
If it's any comfort I have heard many priests say that they pretty much forget what they have heard in the confessional.

Belinda said...

That's funny. Poor soul.

*many priests say that they pretty much forget what they have heard.

Yeah , that's what all of the Priests say.
I bet they remember their friends.

I was a grocery checker in high school,( back in the 1970's) and I still remember a lot about the people.

Lola said...

I am pretty sure our priests know us. If they know us outside the confessional at all. I'm pretty sure that screen is there for us to feel more secure, the same way I've hear Dr. Guarendi say that if you want to talk with your teen get in a car and drive after dark. They tend to open up more with the shadows and not the direct confrontational sunlight and direct eye contact.

I think those Irish Priests were onto something with that confessional. Because before they did that your confessions were up front and public! Yikes.

BTW Belinda, I am certain your Priest still thinks kindly of you. One reason? Because you went to confession.

God Bless and hope that bone is knitting nicely.

Belinda said...

Thanks Lola !

LeoRufus said...

Sigh. This easy familiarity among so many of our priests, makes me long for "the good old days".

What ever happened to good manners and appropriate social boundaries?

Belinda said...

Good manners disappeared when our movie stars who we emulate became rude , and unapologetic.

Example- Steve McQueen - the get away.

Jack Nicholson - easy rider, he's a smart ass , and these types are not accountable to anyone.
Everyone loves this guy, and his attitude. Not me.

I was at one time hopeful that Paris Hilton would bring style , and manners back - didn't happen. She was all over this user guy last week in a car. So many young girls are watching this insanity.
*Too familiar - everywhere.

I am stunned by how relaxed our ideas have become. People are not choosy who they sleep with yet their shoes are super important. I laugh because no one would EVER dream of wearing used underwear, but who they sleep with - eh.