Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Say , what's the deal with Barry Manilow ? Why is there so much animosity towards him ?

Manilow has more money than God ;)

I played a "Journey" song for Paul over on youtube , and I said to him, "isn't this a pretty song?", and he said , "no". I said ,"yes it is" , "what's wrong with you?" He said , "no it's pretty terrible", "it's a "chick" song. I said , "I have never heard of such a thing." I always thought that songs were "Asexual".
Now that would explain why there were mostly males at that "Kiss" concert.


Vincenzo said...

He sued an L.A. radio station for $28 million because they ran ads that implied that people listen to their station because they don't play his songs.

LOL @ the 2nd video..

Belinda said...

I don't understand why the meanness towards him. He's okay ,but there is no reason to be so hurtful.

He's cheery !!

You can only stand it until 1:37 though.

I should dedicate this to
Mr. Nelson over at the Abby. -just for fun ;)

Melody K said...

It's one of those things, it's not cool to admit you like him. I think he's okay, there must be quite a few people who like him, otherwise they wouldn't still be playing his songs. I'm sure he's crying all the way to the bank!

ignorant redneck said...


Most guys "of a cetain age" remember all the girls being nuts for Mr. Manilow. And being mystified. Half of us thought he was Gay, the other half suspected an unhealthy attachment to his mother.

And most of us found his music indsipid and contrived. Not to mention if the gils liked him, then what chance did those of us Y chromosome sporters who weren't testosterone deprived have?

Basically, Manilow is like anchovy Pizza, you aren't neutral, you either like or despise.

Belinda said...

Back in the day - I never even knew about "Gay" people. Until my senior year in high school and someone mentioned "Elton John" during lunch.

I never believed the boys at the lunch table. Because they didn't always have good intentions.

Belinda said...

Red said,
Basically, Manilow is like anchovy Pizza, you aren't neutral, you either like or despise.

But, either way you still "pick at it". ;)

LeoRufus said...

I agree with Redneck. men do not listen to Barry Manilow, just like they don't watch Oprah or The View.

Men who watch Oprah, listen to Barry Manilow or find The View compelling and informative...well, what can I say...