Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh, honey don't mess with me. Love , Mom.

I told you to wear a blouse over those spaghetti strap t-shirts now put them in the laundry, and I will show you a disappearing trick. I am okay with you not liking me , and I will still think that you're wonderful - all eight of you. I have to answer to God for my parenting skills or lack there of , and how you turn out will be the result of your own choices. I am only responsible for how I parented - not how you turned out. Get it? What you do with the information that I gave to you is something that I can not control.
Parenting is the only job in the world where the amount of effort that you put into your work isn't necessarily reflected in the end result.
In school you can work hard and get an "A" , but with parenting you can work hard , and still feel like a failure.
A - "I wanna stand on a ledge" - kinda failure.
Even so keep in mind that parents are people too, and we make mistakes hopefully we learn from them , but always remember nobody on this planet loves you like your Mom.(and Dad)


LeoRufus said...

This is a great post - although very personal, I commend your solidity in the face of the growing evil around us. It is harder to be Catholic in this world, perhaps more than when Diocletian was feeding Christians to lions. At least then the distinctions were clearer - Christ and the Church versus the god-emperor of Rome and false idols. Now the Church seems scattered and Catholics seems divided and the idols appear as images on TV and in the White House, but the worship of them is less clear given in money and fame rather than incense.

One day the sun will shine forver and we will all hopefully be united with those we love in Christ - until then its Lions and the lies of the television.

Belinda said...

What mother could enjoy an eternity with God without her children ? (Not that I will make it either.)

Paul is such a good person. If he doesn't make it to heaven then there will be no hope for the rest of us.

BTW this video isn't of one of our daughters , but she reminds me of them.